Doubtless Bay Marine Protection Group (Inc.Soc.)





Te Roopu Whakahauora o Tokerau
Established 2003


Liaison with some local hapu and iwi to establish an open partnership relationship.
Some meetings have taken place with Te Runanga o Iwi o Ngati Kahu at their Kaitaia offices, Waimanoni Marae with Rangaunu Harbour group, Kenana Marae with Matarahurahu hapu and Parapara Marae, also attended monthly Runanga meeting at Oturu Marae to introduce ourselves. Joint trip to Gisborne in 2006 to see Marine Reserve.
Contact with local groups eg Sportsfishing Club, Business Association etc.

Doubtless Bay Marine Protection Group and Te Runanga A Iwi o Ngati Kahu are seeking to work together to see marine protection established in Doubtless Bay. We have agreed that our goal is to promote community management of the local marine environment for enhancement and protection while recognising the principles of Kaitiakitanga.

Our group is endeavouring to remain open and transparent and welcoming to all.

Regular monthly meetings with a wide range of people from the community including members from the local Recreational Fishing Group, divers, local hapu and iwi, schools, conservationists, Doubtless Bay Sports fishing Club, commercial fishing industry, and the education sector.

Produced fold-up information flyer in 2004 about our group which includes:
Our objectives and long-term goals, a list of the marine problems we recognise for the Doubtless Bay/ Tokerau area, and some of the marine protection options we are looking into.

Contracted Marine Biologist Leane Makey to research and write up a Discussion Document towards a Community Marine Management Plan for Doubtless Bay. Our group liased with Leane throughout her one year contract and held several public meetings and hui to ensure the issues and information were relevant to our community. This 117 page document was completed in August 2005 and our group is continuing to work on a 17 page Summary as the basis for our Discussion Document.

Preparing to publicly release in summer 2007/ 2008 our 17 page Discussion Document Towards a Community Marine Management Plan for the wider Doubtless Bay/ Tokerau area. This will have a public questionnaire attached to gather usable data and opinion from our community and users of the marine environment as to what they want to see happen.

Helped facilitate together with Parapara Marae, Ngati Kahu and Dept of Conservation “Protecting Tangaroa: Community Management of the Marine Area” weekend hui in March 2007. Presentations, information sharing and practical demonstrations from kaumatua, marine biologists, guest speakers and locals. Hone Taumanu, Ngati Konohi came up from Whangara to share their Marine Reserve background, implementation and monitoring.

Liased with DoC in getting the Doubtless Bay Habitat Mapping project done in 2005 by Vince Kerr and Roger Grace. This comprehensive underwater study collected thorough baseline data of the underwater environment in our Bay and will enable scientific comparisons over time. This was presented publicly by Vince Kerr in February 2006.

Compiled extensive Contacts List of over 100 people interested in our local marine environment, that have attended our meetings and public presentations. Emailing minutes and other current marine info out to this network, as well as snail mailing those not on computer.

Looking into marine conservation management plans implemented by local people in other areas eg Kaipara Harbour, Whangara, Friends of Fiordland, Hokianga Accord, White Island.

Group visits to two Marine Reserves:

Overnight visit to Omaha, Goat Island Marine Reserve at Leigh in May 2003 for a guided snorkel experience and Marae stay. Experienced the pride of the local people in their reserve.

4 day trip in March 2006 to Te Tapuwae o Rongokako Marine Reserve at Whangara, north of Gisborne. A joint partnership between Ngati Konohi and DoC and largely managed by local hapu, this gave valuable insight into their motivations and now 7 years on, what results they are seeing.

Public meetings and presentations

Helped host Seaweek public presentations by Vince Kerr, Samara Sutherland and Carolyn Smith.
Hosted Don Staniford with his public presentation on the environmental effects of Caged Fish Farming.
Hosted public talk by Bill Ballantine, Marine Biologist from Goat Island Marine Reserve on the benefits and effects of Marine Reserves on the local marine environment.
Hosted Hone Taumaunu from Whangara talking about their Marine Reserve near Gisborne.
Screened “A Kaipara Affair” movie by Barry Barclay about Kaipara Harbour Guardians.

Published several Marine Panui Newsletters reporting on our progress with current events etc.
Several radio interviews on Te Hiku o Te Ika and Doubtless Bay Community Radio.

Beach Clean-ups – supported annual beach clean ups at Maitai Bay, including underwater diving and removal of sea floor rubbish such as lead sinkers and old fishing line.

Marine Education:

Supported the "Experiencing Marine Reserves" programme in local schools with Samara Sutherland and the Trust that supports this programme.
Liasing with Bay of Plenty Polytechnic Marine Biology Course tutors working with students in Doubtless Bay.
Supporting the Whitebait Connection programme in local schools, experiencing fresh water ecosystems and measuring water quality indicators.

Marine Oral History Project

Outlined the importance of gathering this knowledge now in our community, as there is little scientific info from the past in our Bay. Started to assemble evidence and information on what our local marine environment was like in the past, so that we know what we can aim for with marine restoration. Done basic costing for this project.

Formed an Incorporated Society in 2007 and in process of applying for Charitable Status with Inland Revenue Dept, so our group can receive funding and become independent of Far North Environment Centre.

Gathered info on the different Marine Management options, principally Mataitai, Taiapure, Marine Reserves, Marine Parks, Section 186 Rahui closures.

Put in submissions to NRC for proposed "Aquaculture Management Areas" in 2003.

Attended hui on the concept of Kaitiakitanga and what it means for our group and our local community.

Outlined Funding needed for Marine Projects: Co-ordinator, Signage & Display info, Marine Watch, Community consultation of Discussion Document, Events, guest speakers & Hall hire, Data analysis, Oral History project. Put basic costings to these projects.

Supported Rahui by Matarahurahu hapu on Mangonui Harbour banning set netting for 3 years.

Supported proposal to re-open upper Mangonui Harbour with a bridge replacing the small culvert, to help tidal flow and reduce sedimentation.

Liasing with Bay of Islands Marine Management Group to share information and resources. Attended several of their meetings in 2006 – 2007.

Attended Northland Marine Sustainability Pilot Workshop  in June 2007 in Whangarei hosted by DoC and NRC.


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