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Maori to English important words

Hapu                           A group of related family.

Hui                              Gatherings, discussions, meetings usually on marae

Iwi                               Group of hapu tribal gatherings.        

Kaimoana                   Seafood.

Kaitiaki                       Spiritual minders of the elements of the natural world: iwi, hapu or whanau group with responsibilities of kaitiakitanga.

Kaitiakitanga             The responsibilities and kaupapa passed down from the ancestors for tangata whenua to take care of the places, natural resources and other taonga on their rohe and the mauri of those places, resources and taonga.

Kaupapa                     Fundamental principles, plan, tactics, strategy, methods.

Maitaitai                     Refer Summary of Marine Protection Options
Mana                           Power, authority, ownership, status, influence, dignity, respect derived from the gods.
Marae                         Local community and its meeting place.

Mauri                          Essential life force, spiritual power and distinctiveness that enables each thing to exist as itself.

Moana                                    Sea

Rahui                          Refer Summary of Marine Protection Options

Rohe                           Tribal region


Taiapure                    Refer Summary of Marine Protection Options

Tangaroa                    The God of the sea

Tangata whenua       ‘People of the land’, those who hold mana whenua in an area, Maori people.

Taonga                       Valued resources, assets, prized possessions both material and non-material.

Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Rangawhia

Whenua                      Afterbirth, land.

MAORI PLACE NAMES – Doubtless Bay/ Tokerau

Tokerau properly Tokarau (also name for Bay of Islands). toka = rock, rau = hundred, or many (a hundred rocks supporting different species of fish at different times of the year according to Bryce).

If there is a Maori name for the Doubtless Bay it is probably this, according to who we have talked to so far.

Coopers Beach?

Cable Bay = Waipapa (from Wai o te papa)

Small bay stream = Owhitu

Larger beach with dairy stream = Opio

Waipuna is up on the hill.

Taipa Beach

            Ikateretere = estuary area ? Meaning place for tying up fish?



            Awapoko River (Should be Awapoka River according to Bryce?)
           Waitapu beach
           Puketu Island

Maitai Bay also called Matai Bay



Fairway Reef?

Knuckle Point?




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